Episode 13 of The Gray Divorce Podcast focuses on divorce after 65. I look at the statistics for gray divorce over the last 50 years and discuss some of the implications for older adults getting divorced compared to younger married couples.
Episode nine of The Gray Divorce Podcast deals with the topic of lifestyle analysis. Lifestyle analysis is a very useful tool for divorce attorneys in cases where one party has a substantial claim for spousal support. Essentially, the lifestyle analysis establishes the standard of living of a couple in marriage.

The Gray Divorce Podcast: Episode 7 11 Divorce Tips

by Andrew Hatherley on
In this episode I offer an abridged version of my presentation: The 11 Things To Do Now in Divorce. This presentation is periodically presented at the Wiser Divorce Workshop that I host in Las Vegas where we provide divorce advice. The workshop usually features me talking about the financial aspects of divorce, which are covered in this presentation, and a family law attorney dealing with the legal aspects of divorce.