The Gray Divorce Podcast: Episode 41 Living Abroad After Gray Divorce, Part 1 with Jennifer Stevens, Editor of International Living

Andrew Hatherley |

In Episode 41 of The Gray Divorce Podcast, Andrew chats with Jennifer Stevens, the editor of International Living magazine. Jennifer draws from over 25 years of experience as a writer and editor at International Living to help people live better, more interesting, more international lives without spending a fortune. 

Andrew and Jennifer draw upon their extensive travel experience to focus on the many benefits of international travel and some of the key issues to consider for those considering relocating abroad. 

Jennifer and Andrew discuss international living as an option both financially and personally for people emerging from gray divorce. They focus on the lower cost of living abroad and the opportunity to meet like-minded people interested in resetting their lives and finding new adventures abroad. 

Among the topics covered: 

  • Many places outside the United States have a much lower cost of living. And these are not just places in the so-called developing world. Many European countries such as Portugal, Spain, and even France offer the ability to have a higher standard of living on a fixed income than one might in the United States. 
  • Some countries offer Americans the opportunity to live well simply on Social Security. 
  • Health insurance is a major concern for people moving abroad or even traveling abroad for a few months. Health care is often better and much less expensive abroad. 
  • One of the unanticipated benefits of living abroad is the possibility of finding a like-minded community of expatriates. Many people who move overseas do it not simply for the financial benefit but to pursue new adventures, follow their dreams, or perhaps rebuild or reset their lives after going through major transitions such as divorce, widowhood, or simply retirement.  
  • International Living’s Global Retirement Index is an annual survey of the best countries in the world to retire. It ranks countries by criteria such as cost of living, housing, climate, health care, political environment, and infrastructure, among others.  


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