The Gray Divorce Podcast: Episode 36 Divorce and Finances - A Chat with Carol Lee Roberts, IDFA President

Andrew Hatherley |

When people think about getting a divorce, the first professional that comes to mind is an attorney. Often, a financial advisor isn’t considered until later – or even after the divorce is final. 

Consider this: while divorce is a legal process it's really about money. 

Finances are often the primary factor leading to divorce. Once the divorce process is underway it will lead to a divorce settlement, often the largest financial transaction in a person's lifetime. 

Andrew and Carol Lee discuss the role of the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and the role they play in help divorcing couples and their attorneys. 

  • Many divorcing couples ask questions like: 
  • Who gets what property? 
  • How do we value our property? 
  • How will our settlement be affected by taxes? 
  • How do we divide retirement accounts? 
  • How do we deal with the pension? 
  • How much spousal support will one party need? 
  • Who gets the house? 
  • What happens if a paying ex-spouse dies? 

The role of the CDFA® is to help both client and lawyer understand how the financial decisions made today will impact the client’s financial future, based on certain assumptions. 

A CDFA® is someone who comes from a financial planning, accounting, or legal background and goes through an intensive training program to become skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce.  

Andrew and Carol Lee discuss the many different specialties or niches a CDFA® might serve and Andrew details his work dealing with older or “gray” divorcees. 


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What is a CDFA professional?